Donate to the Community Impact Fund

Want to help improve the quality of life in Greater Nashua? Consider donating to our Community Impact Fund!

  • We’re local - Donations to the Community Impact Fund stay in Greater Nashua.
  • We’re accountable - Funded programs must meet strict guidelines and prove to volunteers exactly how they improve lives.
  • We’re efficient – We keep costs low by relying on volunteers to raise money for local programs.
  • We’re effective – Our program funding is based on periodic Community Assessments and tied to measurable outcomes.

Your Gift – Your Impact

Nashua community health

Our Community’s Health

Increasing access to health and dental care
and preventing substance abuse.

$5/wk ($260)
Comprehensive first-time dental
visit for a child

Nashua safety net

Safety Net

Funding critical services
to support self-sufficiency.

$10/wk ($520)
Prevent a child from going to bed
hungry for six months

Nashua transitional housing

Transitional Housing

Providing a safe place
to live for families in crisis.

$20/wk ($1,040)
Help break the cycle of homelessness
with shelter and education for a family

Donate and Make an Impact Now

If you prefer not to donate online, you can download our paper pledge form.