Safety Net Programs

Providing Basic Needs and Support to Help Individuals and Families Thrive

United Way of Greater Nashua has awarded funding to the following programs within each Safety Net category. During 2013-14, these programs helped 6,770 people in UWGN’s service area.

Safety Net: Food, Clothing & Shelter

Ensuring that individuals and families have the basic necessities of life:

Burke Street Cafe

Girls Incorporated $10,000 CTA_dinner_for_month

Home Delivered Meals-on-Wheels

St. Joseph Community Services $33,000

Prevention & Intervention of Homelessness

The Front Door Agency $13,000

Additional Investments to Address Food Insecurity:

Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter


SHARE, Milford

$12,000 (includes $2,000 to support Souhegan Valley-specific needs assessment)

Safety Net: Safe & Sound

Dealing with issues related to abuse and violence, and providing emergency shelter:

Crisis Intervention and Advocacy

Bridges $20,000

Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing

Bridges $9,000

Child Advocacy Center/Forensic Interview Program

Granite State Children’s Alliance $9,200

Keeping Children Safe

The Youth Council 2,500


Safety Net: Child & Elder Care

Providing services to working families to help care for children and elderly parents:

Adult Day Service

Gateways Community Services $10,000

Burke Street Early Learning Center

Girls Incorporated $3,000

Early Childhood Adventures Low-Income Subsidy

Adult Learning Center $40,000CTA_early_learning_read

Nashua Child Development Center

Southern NH Services $19,000

Volunteer Caregiving

The Caregivers $15,000

Safety Net: Family Stability

Supporting youth and families with intervention, guidance, and social development services:

Academic Success

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua $14,000

Character and Citizenship

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua $10,000

Court Diversion

The Youth Council $16,400

Early Intervention for Acting Out Preteens

The Youth Council $8,000

Family Connection Program

Adult Learning Center $4,000

Girls Center

Girls Inc. of NH $14,000

One-to-One Youth Mentoring

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Nashua $12,000

Young Women’s Leadership/Prevention

Girls Inc. of NH $18,000

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