Programs that improve our community’s health

Helping Individuals and Families Receive Adequate Health and Medical Services

United Way of Greater Nashua has awarded funding to support the following programs. During 2013-14, these programs helped 2,336 people in UWGN’s service area.

Affordable Oral Health Care

Greater Nashua Dental Connection $20,000

Counseling At-Risk Children and Teens

The Youth Council $20,000

Chronic Disease Support

Lamprey Health Care $3,100

Diabetes Prevention Program

YMCA of Greater Nashua $4,600

Healthy Living

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Nashua $8,000 CTA_afterschool_program

Hospice and Community Hospice House

Home Health & Hospice Care $8,500

Prescribe the Y

YMCA of Greater Nashua $3,100

Other investment:
One Greater Nashua Health Equity Initiative  $10,000

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