St. Joseph Healthcare President: 'Our Employees Want To Make a Positive Difference'

St. Joseph Healthcare was founded in 1908 by the Grey Nuns of Montreal for the purpose of providing healthcare to the poor and disadvantaged in  Greater Nashua.

To this day, St. Joseph Hospital lives out its mission daily to provide exceptional, compassionate person-centered care to all we serve as inspired by the healing ministry of Jesus and as modeled by St. Marguerite d’Youville. One way St. Joseph Healthcare continues to live this mission is by holding a strong United Way campaign every year. Our employees collectively have averaged giving $50,000 per year for the past 10 years and we are incredibly proud of that history and our partnership with  United Way of Greater Nashua.

United Way of Greater Nashua first pitch thrower Alyssa Putnam

St. Joseph Healthcare President and CEO Richard Boehler, MD (right), joined United Way of Greater Nashua’s Board of Directors last summer.

We dedicate time and resources to United Way for three main reasons:

First, we find that our employees want to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We do this every day by providing exceptional healthcare, but another way is through the United Way campaign.

Secondly, when we hold department ‘rallies’, our employees become more aware of the services United Way supports. Staff is continuously surprised at the services available from United Way agencies. Many of our employees use these services.

Lastly, we are confident that funds raised for United Way are used effectively. United Way conducts a community needs assessment on a continuous basis to uncover our community’s greatest needs.  Agencies go through a rigorous, results-driven process to obtain funding to address these needs.

As a physician, I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to provide clinical care to the uninsured in several settings during my career. When I came to St. Joseph Hospital, I assessed where I might be able to help make the broadest impact outside the hospital for the greater Nashua community. I decided to join the United Way Board of Directors. I am impressed by my colleagues on the Board and the care and thoughtfulness that go into making important funding decisions.

I encourage you, my fellow leaders of organizations, to consider an annual United Way campaign. We find that it contributes to a healthier work environment and a healthier community.

Business leaders: learn more about the benefits of a partnership with United Way.

Richard Boehler, MD, is President and CEO of St. Joseph Healthcare. 

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