Profile of A Blizzard Blaster: Meet Maureen McGregor

Right before Blizzard Blast 2019, we had a chance to catch up with one of the participants, Maureen McGregor of Merrimack, NH. This was going to be her 4th year participating in the Blizzard Blast and she is no stranger to obstacle course racing, having participated in Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, Rugged Maniac, and a local race FIT Challenge as well as racing in a North American and a World Obstacle Course Championship. When explaining how the Blizzard Blast compares to her other obstacle course racing experiences Maureen said, “It is really great, fun winter course that provides a good challenge for elite athletes all the way down to novice and children. My children are running it.”

Maureen decided to participate in the Blizzard Blast this year because it has been a winter staple for the home team the New England Spahtens. She describes the New England Spahtens saying, “It is a group of camaraderie and a group of varying levels of athleticism that really like to race and support each other both on and off the course.”

Maureen trains year round and mentioned that in obstacle course racing, there truly is no offseason. Training for these types of races can take the form of cardio activities and strength exercises so racers are ready to run the course, lift themselves over obstacles, and carry heavy objects. It is also important to prepare for the possibility of cold temperatures during Blizzard Blast so Maureen’s gym, Train 180, who also was a sponsor of Blizzard Blast 2019, set up a few winter workouts to help simulate the environment of the race. Maureen explained there are many different ways people can prepare for Blizzard Blast whether it be an obstacle course gym, a regular gym, or doing their own training workouts.

When asked what obstacles she was most looking forward to Maureen highlighted “I like the Christmas Tree carry and anything involving the kegs either carrying the kegs, using the kegs as the monkey bars, or pushing them.”

The United Way of Greater Nashua hosted its first Blizzard Blast on January 26th welcoming over 500 racers to conquer the course weaving through Mine Falls Park. Be sure to join us for next year’s Blizzard Blast on January 20th.

Meet Maureen’s Team…The New England Spahtens…regular participants in the Blizzard Blast


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