Newlyweds: United Way of Greater Nashua Addresses Greatest Needs, Gets Our Support

Seth and Heather Tebbetts, United Way of Greater Nashua contributors

Seth and Heather Tebbetts of Nashua

by Heather and Seth Tebbetts
(Nashua residents for 6 years; married Dec. 2012

(Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series of testimonials from couples who are loyal contributors to United Way of Greater Nashua.)

We have been supporting United Way of Greater Nashua for a few years now.  Our support goes beyond money; Heather, who works at PSNH,  has been a Loaned Executive, has volunteered on the Community Investment Committee, and most recently joined United Way’s Board of Directors.

We support United Way of Greater Nashua because although some community needs might be addressed by a non-profit here and there, United Way examines all of the needs in the community and disperses funds based on how well agency programs meet the greatest needs.  The greatest needs are determined, not by the amount agencies request, but by conducting a community assessment.  The assessment provides community investment volunteers with needs information that they consider when deciding how to spend donors’ contributions to the Community Impact Fund.   We believe this is the best way to disperse the money we give.  We trust that United Way of Greater Nashua is spending our money in a thoughtful and meticulous way that addresses the greatest needs.
To help make a difference in our community like Heather and Seth do, please consider donating to United Way of Greater Nashua’s Community Impact Fund

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