Is American Dream Out of Reach for NH Kids?

Did you know most welfare recipients in New Hampshire are working?* Or that high school students in low poverty districts have more access to Advanced Placement courses than those who live in high poverty districts?**

Whether or not you’re surprised by these facts, you can learn what they mean for New Hampshire’s present and future generations and offer your own perspective on the growing opportunity gap when NH Listens brings its statewide conversation to Nashua on May 6.

When Opportunity Stops Knocking: New Hampshire’s Kids and the American Dream, is a community conversation examining the increasing barriers New Hampshire children face in achieving their dreams. Hear the latest research about the differences in how opportunity is afforded to children now versus a generation ago. Join in small-group discussions to offer your experience and perception of:

  • The current state of the American Dream, especially in New Hampshire
  • Opportunity to get ahead in our communities now compared to previous generations
  • Policies that can affect the opportunity gap
  • What candidates in New Hampshire’s presidential primary should understand about these challenges

Graph-AP-access gaps-NHNH Listens will share with local and statewide groups the information gathered from participants in Nashua and at the 11 additional community conversations. Your input will also be shared with presidential candidates as they visit New Hampshire for the presidential primary season.

The Nashua community conversation will be held from 6 to 9 PM (doors open at 5:30 PM) at the Elm Street Elementary School, 117 Elm St., Nashua, on May 6. Food and on-site childcare will be available. Go to and select Nashua for details about this free event.
*  –  UC Berkley Center for Labor Research and Education, April 2014
** –  UNH Carsey School of Public Policy

Michele Holt-Shannon is associate director of NH Listens.

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