Living United is Good for Business

When you invest in United Way, you invest in a stronger community. Businesses want to ensure that their employees have access to the services they need – whether it’s an after-school program for their children, Meals-on-Wheels for their parents, or perhaps confidential counseling for themselves. With so many good causes and charitable organizations out there, it can be difficult to know if your dollars are making a measurable difference.

United Way takes the guess work out of it for you. By partnering with United Way you are investing in those programs and services that address the region’s most critical needs. When the needs change, your partnership doesn’t have to. Together, we will continue to work as one community toward advancing the common good.

Here are three ways in which you can be involved:

Organize a Workplace Campaign

Help your employees learn about community needs and available social services by inviting United Way into your workplace for a brief presentation, information exchange, and opportunity to make a difference. By running a campaign you are offering your employees the benefit of supporting their local community easily by making a single annual gift which can be paid in small increments through payroll. Every employee can feel like a philanthropist…and enjoy the satisfaction that their investment in the community, large or small will have the greatest impact on the local community.

Kevin SlatteryAs a United Way campaign volunteer, I get the privilege of presenting to other individuals and organizations the benefits that our employees have gained through their involvement in giving. As a result of the payroll giving program by United Way even the smallest of donations can be processed, opening the doors to many who otherwise yearned to give but were unaware of how. This has been a great experience because it provides the opportunity of giving to multiple worthy non-profits, identified through United Way assessments and prioritizations, by All of our employees. This has added to the value of the lives of the donors as well as the recipients.
- Kevin Slattery, President of Etchstone Properties

The benefits of a workplace campaign are:

  1. Build Your Team:
    Engaging current and prospective employees in a community partnership strengthens talent retention, boosts morale and provides staff development opportunities.
  2. Build Your Business:
    Community involvement helps you reach a broader audience. You can see increased sales and improved client relationships.
  3. Build Your Reputation:
    Community focus strengthens you as an industry and community leader with stakeholders, employees and customers.

Interested in running a United Way campaign at your company but not sure where to start? United Way staff and volunteers can help you design a campaign to meet your needs.

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You also may contact Campaign Director Deborah Tighe, (603) 882-4011, x11, for more information about how to get started.

Corporate Gifts

By investing your corporate charitable dollars with United Way, you get a partner who:

  • Will direct your gift in a targeted, measurable way
  • Matches the best resources to our community’s most pressing needs
  • Supports dozens of the best local programs run by non-profit organizations that meet or exceed United Way standards
  • Brings together top corporate leaders who recognize that a healthy community is good for business.


Becoming a year-round sponsor or sponsoring an event are great ways to stretch your advertising dollars while supporting the local community. United Way offers tremendous exposure to corporate partners who become year-round sponsors.  Sponsorships of specific events and community landing pages also are available.  United Way also gratefully accepts in-kind contributions of products and services that can be used as incentive prizes and gifts to recognize and thank volunteers.

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Realize Your Corporate Vision

United Way can help you meet your corporation’s vision for philanthropy at the local level. If your company has targeted a specific need as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility plan, United Way can help. We insure that your investment will produce positive outcomes with measurable results. Our regular assessment of needs can help you identify those programs and services that align with your corporate goals and address the region’s most pressing needs.

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