Join us on April 25th at our Community Day of Farming!




Help us as we pair up with Grow Nashua and ReGenerative Roots on April 25th at our Community Day of Farming!




Farming is no easy task, and that is why we need at least 100 volunteers to make our day of Community Farming a success. At United Way of Greater Nashua, we assess our community to determine how we can aid in fulfilling the greatest needs that will better our people and environment. We can all agree that fresh food and healthy farms are essential to any community. That is why we are once again planning our massive Community Farming event! Our goal is to bring the community together on April 25th while we set out on 15,000 square feet to properly position 150 yards of soil. This event will have a tremendous effect on our wonderful city, and it is a great way to kick-off the season with the cooperation of Spring weather. All we need is your cooperation to make this dream come true.


Benefits of Community Farming

  • Long-term security for food production
    • Our goal is to create a stable farming environment that will continue to produce for as long as possible. The long-term production is heavily dependent on our day of community farming
  • Profitable for local economy
    • Local food sources are beneficial because they are locally profitable rather than profitable for an outside source.
  • Group cooperation leads to responsible and respectful farming
    • Our long-term goals of production require the cooperation of our volunteers. Responsible and respectful work is required for a safe and secure farmland.
  • Community Team Building
    • A community revolves around its ability to come together. We expect nothing but positives when we have good people working together for a good cause


Our Opportunity

Community Farming programs address two major issues that face neighborhoods around the country. The two issues are the access to healthy food and food insecurity. Not everyone has the luxury of grocery stores with affordable prices, and this may lead families to purchase cheap unhealthy food just because it is available and affordable. The school districts in our region that are the most vulnerable to food-insecurity among children are Nashua (over 40%), Wilton-Lyndeborough (over 25%), Milford (16%), and Hudson (17%).

Effects of poor nutrition among children

  • Early stages (infancy/development)
    • Food-insecure families are likely to be affected by poor health as well as stunted development
    • Food insecurity threatens birth complications among pregnant women
  • Health/ behavioral concerns
  • Children that face food insecurity are at a risk of chronic health conditions that may require hospitalization
  • Food insecurity causes children to experience a poor physical status that inhibits their ability to engage in education or social interaction


What You Can Do

Your consideration to aid us in our hard work is much appreciated and we cannot thank you enough! We would love for you to visit our site at and when you click “Volunteer Now” look for United Way Community Farming Day of Caring. There are two shifts available starting at 10:00am and 1:00pm. We will be working at ReGenerative Roots Community Farm at Sullivan Farm 70 Coburn Ave. Nashua, NH 03063. This is an outdoor family friendly event, and you are welcome to sign up individually or as a group.


About United Way

United Way of Greater Nashua was established in 1930 as an independent non-profit organization that is controlled by our local donors. Our goal since our establishment has been to improve lives and strengthen our communities. Not only do we operate in the city of Nashua, but we also live to serve the surrounding towns as well. If you wish to learn more about United Way please visit our website at


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