Professional Development: Loaned Executive Program

Gain Great Skills While Helping Your Community

A Loaned Executive (LE) is a volunteer who is “loaned” to United Way on a part-time or full-time basis during the campaign. The LEs maximize staff and volunteer efforts while maintaining low fundraising costs during the campaign. In return, United Way provides a unique professional program that develops sales and executive leadership skills and an understanding of community organization. As an individual you can help us by volunteering to be a Loaned Executive. Whether you’re an early retiree or an area resident with the time to offer, the Loaned Executive Program is an excellent way to stay involved in your community. As a business, you can help us by “loaning” one of your staff on mutually convenient schedule. If you can’t “loan” a person to us, perhaps you would be able to sponsor a volunteer who will work as a loaned executive.

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"Being a loaned executive to United Way is an eye-opening experience. Although I knew that health and human service needs existed in Greater…

— Julia Keenan, Community Volunteer from Amherst