Etchstone Properties President: 'I Have the Responsibility To Give Back'

I had the privilege of getting involved with United Way of Greater Nashua in the spring of 2008. I was part of a dedication and celebration ceremony involving Home Health and Hospice Care, which was the first nonprofit organization that I became affiliated with as a volunteer. UWGN representatives also attended the event, and one of them contacted me within a couple of days to seek my level of interest in getting involved with the local United Way.

Kevin Slattery

Kevin Slattery

Frankly speaking, I spent most of my life oblivious to the idea of charitable giving and volunteering and justified that with the time commitment required to raise a family and build a business. Since becoming involved with volunteering, I’ve learned how important it is to participate and the profound impact that it has on the receiving agencies and individuals. As president and founder of a local real estate building and development company (Etchstone Properties, Inc.),  I have the responsibility to give back to this community, which has provided so much opportunity for the company and more importantly, for our family.

United Way of Greater Nashua’s comprehensive community assessment provides our family — as well as our employees and their families — the certainty that our donations will be directed toward the most important social issues in our community. We also know our contributions are effective because the recipient agencies are required to meet minimum standards and show positive outcomes.

I find the community assessment program, the easy process of payroll giving for our employees, and UWGN’s professional and efficient operation to be most valuable.

Several of our employees have commented on how they always desired to contribute to those in need, but didn’t know how to prioritize community needs and engage in the giving process. United Way of Greater Nashua provides answers to both of those challenges. Our employees look forward to the campaign every year and find themselves more engaged in philanthropic thinking as a result of their involvement.

Serving as a director on the United Way board is a tremendous privilege that I have. Participating in the numerous contributions that United Way makes throughout our community is a great honor and a personal reward that is extremely fulfilling. THANK YOU UWGN.

Editor’s note: In addition to serving on United Way of Greater Nashua’s board of directors, Kevin Slattery also is a member of the UWGN Campaign Cabinet.
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