Day of Caring Isn’t Just About Nashua, it’s About Nashua’s Children.

According to the National Center for Children in Poverty from 2013, there are 155,735 families with 271,289 children in New Hampshire.

29,528 of New Hampshire children live in poverty.

Without a safety net made up of organizations like the United Way, Girls Inc, YMCA, and Boys and Girls Club, these children would have little opportunity to flourish. New Hampshire is the 49th worst state in supporting non-profits, beating only Maine. That means that states like Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, some of the poorest states in our Union, do a better job than we of supporting our non-profit organizations.

With the Greater Nashua area’s Day of Caring fast approaching (September 16th), where we help hundreds of volunteers support Nashua’s non-profits, we’re highlighting some of the organizations that participate in the event. With dozens of Nashua-area businesses supporting the cause, The United Way of Greater Nashua’s Day of Caring is one of the most important—and highly coordinated volunteer events in the area.

This post continues the thread of shining a spotlight on some of the non-profits that help the Nashua community support those who need it. From children in need, to community support, everyone of the region’s organizations need your help. This week, we’ll focus on three organizations that focus on helping keep kids safe, empowered and inspired to be strong contributing members of our community.

Girls Inc.

Girls Inc Day of CaringBy providing after school programs for girls, an early learning center, and a unique leadership academy, the team at Girls Inc. works to help girls of all ages achieve their personal best. Through a combination of classes and programs, girls at Girls Inc. learn how to improve their health and fitness, further their education, and learn about different aspects of the City of Nashua while developing the leaders inside them.

While Girls Inc. supports almost 150,000 girls across the country, NH’s Girls Inc. supports our state in three key locations: Nashua, Concord and Manchester. Helping girls ages 2.9 and up, our Nashua Girls Inc. encourages our community’s girls to be “strong, smart and bold”.

YMCA of Greater Nashua

“Committed to “building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities,” The YMCA of Greater Nashua focuses on youth development as one of its key pillars of community support.

YMCA Nashua Day of CaringWhile the original YMCA started out in London in 1844 as “Young Men’s Christian Association,” the organization is really open to everyone. 26,000 people were served at our YMCA, 50% of them were girls and women. A volunteer-led organization, last year over 1,000 volunteers came together at the Y to serve residents of the Greater Nashua community.

With three locations (Nashua, Merrimack, and Camp Sargent), and more than 300 programs, provides exercise, educational, and recreational activities to help strengthen the children (and adults) of our community.

The Y isn’t just a membership organization that helps the community. The Y focuses on helping those in need, and provides a financial aid support package called Y Cares, to help people join the Y and participate in programs at rates they can afford, based on income and family size.

Boys and Girls Club of Greater Nashua

The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Nashua has been supporting our region’s youth since 1971. A non-profit with youth development programs for children ages five to eighteen, the Club, it’s staff and members all work to help young people “reach their potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens”.

Boys and Girls Club Nashua Day of CaringOn a practical level, the organization supports nearly 3,500 children each year with programs that provide home work help, develop computer skills, gym time, arts and crafts, aquatics, and more. The program is crucial in providing children in need of a safe and positive environment, at a low (almost no) cost, a place to be before and after school.

Since the organization only charges $35 for participation to make it affordable, it is critical they receive support from organizations like the United Way of Greater Nashua, individual donors, corporate gifts and more.

It’s easy to see that these three organizations (and those we haven’t been able to mention) are vital to the development of the Greater Nashua area as a thriving community. The United Way of Greater Nashua’s Day of Caring program helps these and many more organizations by bringing together volunteers in 4 hour “sprints” to complete much needed projects across the region.

According to one participant, “Volunteers get almost as much out of the experience as the non-profit.” Do you know someone who is volunteering? Are you willing to spend a couple of hours meeting new people and joining your friends and fellow Nashuans in helping make Nashua just a little bit brighter?

Learn more about volunteering today, and Live United.

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