On Saturday, May 9th, letter carriers in Nashua, Hudson, Litchfield, and Pelham – and in more than 10,000 cities and towns across the country – will help families who struggle with food security by collecting the compassion of their postal customers who participate in the National Association of Letter Carriers’ 23rd Annual “Stamp Out Hunger” National Food Drive.

Letter carriers will collect non-perishable food left by mailboxes and in post offices on May 9th and distribute the donations to area food pantries shortly thereafter. The “Stamp Out Hunger” event is the world’s largest one-day food drive and has yielded a staggering 1.3 billion pounds of food donations since the drive began in 1992.

“The number of adults and children in danger of not having enough to eat has not lessened,” said Bud Gorman, Nashua coordinator of the food drive. “Going hungry is not a choice, it is a reality. On average, the food banks and pantries in New Hampshire help over 3,000 people per month,” Gorman added.

2015 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive cartoonThe postal food drive is held in late spring as food pantries run out of donations received during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods.  In 2014, the drive collected 73 million pounds of food nationally. The 17,477 pounds of food collected by Nashua letter carriers went to eight local food pantries: Corpus Christi; Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter; Salvation Army; Tolles Street Mission; Upper Room Ministries; Christian Bible Church; Grace Lutheran Church; and Main St. Methodist Church.

Hudson, Litchfield, and Pelham carriers last year collected 12,035 pounds of food, which was distributed among four food pantries: St, Vincent de Paul and the First Baptist Church in Hudson; the Litchfield Community Church; and the Pelham Good Neighbor Fund. “There has been a consistent need for food in our local communities,” said Frank Maglio, food drive coordinator for the Hudson-Litchfield-Pelham area. “Many people depend on these food pantries during the summer months,” Maglio added.

To donate, all Nashua, Hudson, Litchfield, and Pelham residents need to do is place a box or can of non-perishable food next to their mailbox before the letter carrier delivers mail on Saturday, May 9th. The carrier delivers the food to the post office, where it is sorted by volunteers and then available for pick-up by local food pantries the next day. Anyone wishing to volunteer for food sorting should plan to arrive at 35 Executive Drive in Hudson or the post office on Spring Street (back entrance) in Nashua at 12 PM on Saturday, May 9th.

The “Stamp Out Hunger” National Food Drive is conducted in conjunction with United Way, the United States Postal Service, the AFL-CIO, and Feeding America, and with support from the AARP Drive to End Hunger, Val-Pak, and Campbell Soup Company. For additional information, visit the Stamp Out Hunger Facebook page.

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