Amherst Couple: 'A Caring Community Supports Each Other'

Julia and Colin Keenan of Amherst with their daughter, Lillian, and family dog, Murphy.

Julia and Colin Keenan of Amherst with their daughter, Lillian, and family dog, Murphy.

by Julia & Colin Keenan
(Married 3 years)

(Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of testimonials from couples who are loyal contributors to United Way of Greater Nashua.)

As fairly new home owners and brand new parents, we are confident that we moved into an area that supports its citizens and families. It is no accident that greater Nashua has consistently rated as one of the top communities in the nation in which to reside.

Organizations like United Way of Greater Nashua support programs that provide a hand up, not a hand out, to those in need. It was my (Julia’s) honor to  serve as a Loaned Executive to UWGN for three years. I became intimately acquainted with the companies that run fundraising campaigns, agencies that provide services, and people who receive services. I am proud that I spent my time working to better the lives of the strong citizens of our local area. I feel that it is our duty as volunteers and contributors to give what we can, when we can.

United Way of Greater Nashua has a fantastic process that assesses local organizations in need and provides assistance based on the decisions of volunteer citizens from the local communities. It is not only efficient, but it is remarkably effective. It is never a hand out and we know that our time and contributions are always used to help those who are working to help themselves. We will be proud to introduce our daughter to UWGN and show her just how a caring community supports each other and in turn creates a stronger place for her to grow.
To help make a difference in our community like Julia and Colin do, please consider donating to United Way of Greater Nashua’s Community Impact Fund.

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