Did You Know

In Greater Nashua, 30% more families live in poverty now vs. 10 years ago

A gift of $13/mo. ($156/yr.) buys essential nutrition for children in transitional housing.

During the past 30 days, 30% of teens in Greater Nashua have smoked marijuana and more than 40% have consumed alcohol

A gift of $43/mo. ($520/yr.) identifies the root of issues related to trauma, anger, and substance use among at-risk children and teens.

60% of people in our community are obese or overweight

A gift of $13/mo. ($156/yr.) allows a youth to participate in healthy cooking classes, where s/he will learn about nutrition, menu planning, and preparing meals that are healthy and appealing.

Women in NH face a 30% higher rate of sexual assault than the national average

A gift of $22/mo. ($260/yr.) provides five sexual assault survivors with advocacy at the hospital.