2018 Community Baby Shower

United Way of Greater Nashua anticipates another successful event on May 3rd at our 2nd annual Community Baby Shower

Spring is finally joining us in the weather reports, and we would love to see you join us too at our Community Baby Shower! United Way is a caring organization that is dedicated to the well being of our city and all who inhabit it. At this community event, we will be working for our city by providing essential information to young and growing families. Everyone knows that having children is one of the most important things you will ever do in life. That is why it is our goal at this event to make families comfortable and prepared for the challenges they may face when raising a child. If you are a part of a young and growing family, this event is for you! If you just want to lend a helping hand as a loyal community volunteer, this event is for you too! Please join us on May 3rd at Nashua Community College for this event, or come by May 2nd to help us set up!

This event will consist of multiple workshops centered on topics like infant care, nutrition, safety, and budgeting. Our guests are encouraged to participate in the workshops so that they can receive tickets for each workshop they visit. These tickets will then be available to use in the baby boutique!



Did you know that the average cost to raise a child to the age of 18 is $245,340? Having children should be one of the most cherished parts of our lives. We all know that having children can be stressful regardless of one’s financial situation, but it makes it even more difficult if you do not think you can afford to raise children. Nobody should ever feel so threatened to the point where they do not want to have kids, but unfortunately 11% of people in Nashua live in poverty and may be unable to properly support a newborn without aid.


We are pleased to raise awareness on the situation as well as provide valuable resources to people that may be experiencing any problems or concerns with raising children. This is a family friendly event for the community and as always we welcome all who are interested with open arms. This is the second time we have done this event, and we are expecting it to be just as successful as our community baby shower event last year. United Way is proud to do our part in making Nashua and surrounding towns better places to live, and this is just another example of the role we play.

Here is the link to our volunteer portal

From this page you have access to participate in the event!

About Us

United Way of Greater Nashua is a non-profit independent organization that was established in 1930. Our goal has always been to assess our community’s needs and apply ourselves wherever and whenever we can. To learn more, please visit our website www.unitedwaynashua.org or call us at 603-882-4011. For upcoming events please check out our website dedicated to volunteer opportunities at www.volunteergreaternashua.org!



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